We reached our goal to help introduce 300 girls to freedom, but there are still so many more who are trapped in cultural slavery. Your $50 gift today will help introduce another girl to freedom.

Your gift could help provide the following:

  • A bar visit where she will hear for the first time that she has another choice
  • Trauma counseling
  • Vocational training to help her find a new job
  • A safe home that will begin her freedom journey

What you choose to do today, can impact one life and introduce her to freedom.

Our Projects:

  1. Baby rescue - completed; 64 Babies RESCUED!
  2. Water well - completed; $5,000 RAISED!
  3. Church building - completed; $9,000 RAISED!
  4. Motorcycle - completed; $2,500 RAISED!
  5. Over 100 girls offered freedom in Thailand - completed; $9,958 RAISED!
  6. 98 Bibles for village in Guatemala - $1,233 RAISED!  

Leading and Loving It + World Help

Leading and Loving It has joined forces with the faith-based humanitarian organization World Help with the courageous vision to help rescue women out of the sex industry in Thailand and India.

In places such as Thailand and the Banchara community of India, girls are expected to be breadwinners for their families. In both societies, since many are too poor to attend school, they are left with no skills or training to provide for their families.  

They are taught they have no other choice. But you have the power to release them from this lie.

Your gift can offer her the first steps towards freedom, the opportunity for an education, access to a family-style environment, and most importantly, the chance to hear about God’s love.


Give today and help introduce a girl to freedom.

-- Leading and Loving It + World Help Team


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