Current Goal: Help rescue 1,000 people fighting poverty and the pandemic

The needs have never been greater for families living in poverty

But today you can provide food and other lifesaving supplies.

Help Leading & Loving It raise $14,000 to help 1,000 people struggling to survive. Your $42 gift will provide three people with essentials like food, clean water, hygiene kits, and medical care, and point them toward the hope of the Jesus Christ.

$42 helps 3 people


About Us

Leading and Loving It + World Help

Leading and Loving It has joined forces with the faith-based humanitarian organization World Help with the courageous vision to help meet some of the most urgent needs of impoverished people around the world.

We first focused on providing medical care and nutrition to malnourished children in the mountains of Guatemala. Next, we adopted an entire Guatemalan village, meeting vital needs like clean water and a church building. Then, our greatest passion became helping rescue women trapped in the sex industries of India and Thailand. Today, we are still helping people in India, Thailand, and Guatemala plus many other countries hit hard by this year’s pandemic.

In every project we undertake, the goal is always to meet both physical and spiritual needs simultaneously, offering a lifeline to people while also demonstrating the love of Christ.

We are glad you have chosen to get involved and be a world changer, too!

Leading and Loving It’s completed goals

  • Baby Rescue — 64 malnourished children RESCUED!
  • Village Transformation in Guatemala
    • Clean-water well — $5,000 RAISED!
    • Church building — $9,000 RAISED!
    • Motorcycle for village pastor — $2,500 RAISED!
    • 98 Bibles for local families — $1,233 RAISED!
  • Over 199 girls introduced to freedom — $9,958 RAISED!
  • Another 300 girls introduced to freedom — $15,000 RAISED!
  • Thailand Baking School
    • Cabinetry — $1,546 RAISED!
    • Appliances, furniture, and supplies — $16,473 RAISED!
    • Mixer, microwave, induction cookers, and ovens — $12,047 RAISED!

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